JoAnna, born in Morgantown W.Va. yet raised in the rich and well renowned city of Detroit better known as the Motor City. She is first and foremost a lover of Christ who is the C.E.O and giver of all things good in her life. Subsequently she answered the clarion call of God on her life to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. As an ordained Minister, she is at her best when making spiritual deposits and impartations of Jo’s Jewels. She is lovingly called “Ma” by her one and only son who is her primary reason for utilizing resilience and buoyancy to press pass and conquer many obstacles and speed bumps in her life. She can also be found giving loving yet controversial insight as a Co-host on the popular podcast Emotionally Empowered with Author E.N. Hardy. In her spare time, JoAnna loves to cook a good meal and watch with joy as others relish in enjoyment. She also appreciate the thrill of healthy, stimulating and informative dialogue that leads to mental fibrillation. She also enjoys getting lost in a good book that can momentarily take her to another world by living vicariously through the characters she reads about. I’m confident in knowing that you’ll be provided with the jewels necessary to aid you through your journey as you thumb through the pages of her life through these devotions for your emotions.


5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Can’t wait to see all that is manifesting from the works of God through you. God is doing some amazing things through you for you and for others

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